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When it comes to understanding your finances and making smart purchasing decisions, there’s a lot you need to know. We’re passionate about helping our members better understand their finances so that they can feel secure and informed about their decisions. In addition to articles and tools you will find here, you can also access free and confidential financial counseling and education through Suncoast's relationship with the BALANCE Financial Fitness Program.

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    How to Stay Safe on the Internet

    The Internet has introduced us to a new world of sharing and collaboration. Unfortunately, it has also introduced new ways for malicious people to scam us out of our hard earned resources.

    Protect Yourself from Phishing

    How to Protect Yourself from Phishing

    With email usage growing every year, phishing is one of the greatest dangers to our financial well-being.


    Suncoast & Protection

    Whether you do your banking online, on-the-go or in person, your security comes first. When it comes to Internet fraud and identity theft, you’ll take every measure to ensure your information is protected and secure — so will Suncoast.


    Useful Security Resources

    Suncoast understands your safety is a top priority. Here are some links to government organizations and other useful resources that can be used to report fraudulent activity and research more ways to protect yourself.

    What is Spoofing?

    What is Spoofing?

    While not a specific type of attack, spoofing is used in almost all forms of fraudulent attacks and is worth exploring in more detail.

    What is Vshing?

    What is Vishing and SMShing?

    Vishing/SMShing is a form of phishing that uses telephone and text message communications for the same purposes as phishing.

    Creating a Secure Password

    What Makes a Secure Password?

    One of the most overlooked aspects of passwords is the time someone should spend in understanding what a password is meant to do and how to create a strong password that will make it difficult for a cybercriminal to steal.

    ATM and Pin Safety Tips

    ATM Safety Tips

    Protecting yourself from identity theft, fraud and Internet scams requires taking precaution every step of the way. From establishing a strong PIN to practicing ATM safety, Suncoast has identified ways to protect you and your banking transactions.


    All About Email Safety

    While email has vastly improved our sharing capabilities with other people, it has impacted how trusting we are of others.

    Are you being Vshed?

    Are You Being Vished?

    As with email, telephones do not give us the ability to truly verify who the person is that is trying to communicate with us. It is up to us to ask the right questions and understand how to identify and respond to a telephone scam.

    Common Scams Targeting the Elderly

    Common Scams Targeting the Elderly

    Technology has allowed the world to move at an unprecedented pace. This can leave elderly members of our family lacking the adequate knowledge as to how technology can be used to scam them out of their savings and investments.