Big Picture

You can’t talk about the differences between credit unions and banks without talking about ownership.

Credit Union

Credit unions like Suncoast are not-for-profit, financial cooperatives owned by their members — and they exist specifically to help meet the financial needs of those members. Credit union profits go back to members, which is why they get lower rates on loans, higher earnings on deposits and more free services.



Banks are for-profit establishments owned by shareholders. They offer a wide variety of products and services for their customers, but they’re designed to maximize profits for shareholders.

Suncoast 2018 Member Benefits Summary

financial benefit to members*


annual benefit per
member household*

Other Ways Suncoast Is Different

  • Local Decision Making

    As the largest financial institution headquartered on Florida’s west coast, we know what’s important to the neighborhoods we serve. Decisions are made locally for the benefit of our members and communities. Learn more about us.

  • Community Support

    Suncoast believes in building stronger, healthier, financially wiser communities. That’s why we’ve created the Suncoast Foundation, a place for us to show our support for the communities around us.