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When it comes to understanding your finances and making smart purchasing decisions, there’s a lot you need to know. We’re passionate about helping our members better understand their finances so that they can feel secure and informed about their decisions.

In addition to articles and tools you will find here, you can also access free and confidential financial counseling and education through Suncoast's relationship with the BALANCE Financial Fitness Program. Newly redesigned in 2016, the BALANCE online resources offer exclusive financing learning tools to Suncoast Members.

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    Establishing & Living within a Budget

    When it comes to your financial bottom line, making and sticking to a budget can be the difference between uncertainty and stability. And while everyone’s finances are unique, there’s a core set of things anyone can do to regain control of their finances and move toward financial security.


    The Ins & Outs of Credit Scores

    Everyone talks about the importance of having a good credit score, but few understand its real value when it comes time to making major financial investments. Having a better understanding of how your decisions affect your credit may help improve your overall score and give you perks down the line — like special financing, reduced down payments and smaller monthly payments. That means more savings for you.


    Repaying Student Loans

    If you are daunted by the prospect of having to make student loans payments for the next ten or so years, you are not alone. Student loan debt can be fairly large, and the monthly payments may take up a big chunk of your income. However, being educated about student loans and your options can make it easier to repay them. This program will cover: What types of student loans do you have? Repayment plans...


    Smart Tax Planning

    For most people, taxes are something they only think about on April 14th. Just kidding – you probably have your tax return done before then. However, do you think about taxes outside of filing your return? Smart tax planning is not just claiming all of the deductions and credits you are entitled to so that you can get a bigger refund. It also involves thinking about and engaging in methods to legally lower your tax...