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2024 Annual Meeting Notice

The agenda for the meeting includes the presentation of the Annual Report for 2023 by the officers and staff of the Credit Union. Annual Reports will be available at the meeting and at all of the Credit Union’s offices.


In accordance with the Credit Union’s Bylaws, a Nominating Committee was appointed in August 2023 to select nominees for vacancies on the Board of Directors as terms expire when the Annual Membership Meeting is held on March 28, 2024, promptly at 5:30 p.m. The Committee submitted the following nominees for election to the Board of Directors for three-year terms: Gary C. Gresham, Dr. Robert R. Jones, and Brando T. Fetzek. Since there were no nominations by petition to oppose these nominees, they will be declared duly elected at the Annual Meeting. Nominations may NOT be made from the floor at the meeting.

Suncoast Credit Union
Carolyn Parslow Community Center (East Annex Building)
6801 E. Hillsborough Avenue, Tampa, FL 33610



Protect Yourself from Text and Email Fraud


Report fraudulent text messages or emails by sending a screenshot and the phone number of the sender to

If you’re a Suncoast member who mistakenly provided any personal information or who has been impacted by a scam, please contact Suncoast immediately to report the fraud and update all necessary credentials.

Suncoast will never ask for your complete account number, PIN, CVV code, or full social security number in a text or email. If you receive a message asking for that kind of information, do not engage!

Scammers are clever. They are experts at tricking people. Thankfully, there is one simple thing you can do to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of fraud. Ready to hear it?

Do NOT click the link.

It’s that easy! When you get an unexpected text that claims to be from Suncoast Credit Union or another financial institution and it includes a link, do not click it.

Know what to look for.

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