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Florida Social Media Accounts to Follow

  • May 10, 2017
  • By Erin Palmer

    Erin Palmer

    Content Marketing Specialist

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Since Florida is a place unlike any other, it makes sense that we have so many social media accounts that celebrate our awesome state.

Whether you are looking for entertainment, information or fun local things to do, there are plenty of helpful social media options for you.

Here are some social media accounts that are totally worth the follow:

Local News and Law Enforcement Accounts

To stay up-to-date on what is going on in your own backyard; connect with your favorite local news outlets and law enforcement agencies on social media. These accounts can help you stay aware of breaking stories that could impact your neighborhood.

Examples of helpful local news and law enforcement social media accounts include:

TB Times Twitter account

Look on the website of your favorite local news or law enforcement agency to see if they have social media accounts you can connect with.

Weather and Emergency Preparedness Accounts

Floridians know that severe weather is serious business. During hurricane season in particular, it’s important to stay informed.

Following your favorite news accounts will help with local weather, but here are some additional social media accounts to check out for emergency coverage:

Many national organizations also have local or regional social media accounts. A quick search on an organization’s website should help you find their social channels.

Nature and Outdoors Accounts

When you’re lucky enough to live somewhere with beautiful weather all year long, you want to make sure you take time to get outside and enjoy it!

Florida has so many natural wonders to take in, so use these social accounts to learn about new areas to explore or where to find fresh produce:

Get a Little Sunshine Twitter account

There are also many Florida photographers to follow if you want to see gorgeous photos from around the state.

Fun and Entertainment Accounts

Floridians definitely know how to have fun! Our gorgeous weather makes Florida a popular destination all year long.

From local sports to the things that make Florida so special, enjoy our state with these social accounts:

It’s also fun to follow your favorite Florida sports teams. We love the Tampa Bay Rays!

Don’t Forget to Follow Suncoast!

We couldn’t possibly mention important social media accounts for Floridians without mentioning the largest credit union headquartered in Florida… Suncoast Credit Union!

Kidding aside, we would love for you to follow our social channels. Our social media will help you keep up with the latest Suncoast news, special promotions and fun community events.

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