Mobile Card Reader

If your business requires you to accept payments on the go, a Worldpay card reader and app on your mobile device can make those transactions easier.

Select a Service:

  • Kinetic Pay App

    With Worldpay®, you can turn your iPhone, iPad or Android Device into a Secure Mobile Card Processor for your business. It’s a simple and secure way to take signature debit and credit card transactions while on the go. Simply enable the easy-to-use Secure Card Reader Authenticator (SCRA), download the free app and you can start accepting cards — anytime, anywhere.

    Benefits of Worldpay

    Not only will you be able to accept any major credit card wherever you are, but you’ll also benefit from:

    • Lower transaction rates and no holds on funds — your money will be available within 2 business days
    • Real-time counterfeit card detection, instant encryption, lower scope and cost of PCI audits