Mobile Card Reader

If your business requires you to accept payments on the go, a Worldpay card reader and app on your mobile device can make those transactions easier.

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  • Kinetic Pay App

    At Suncoast Credit Union, we keep it simple. That’s why we partnered with Worldpay®, from FIS, a leader in payments and technology, to offer you a payment processing system that works for your business.

    Whether your customers pay online, in-store, or on-the-go, you can accept payments easily and securely with Worldpay by turning your iPhone, iPad or Android Device into a Secure Mobile Card Processor for your business. It’s a simple and secure way to take signature debit and credit card transactions while on the go.

    Benefits of Worldpay

    Not only will you be able to accept any major credit card wherever you are, but you’ll also benefit from:

    • Lower transaction rates and no holds on funds — your money will be available within 2 business days
    • Real-time counterfeit card detection, instant encryption, lower scope and cost of PCI audits

    Worldpay allows you to simplify your payment processing, increase sales, reduce risk, and focus on what matters most: your customers and your bottom-line.