Business Banking Services

Suncoast offers big benefits for small businesses. We go to every length to provide the resources you need to ensure your business succeeds.

Payroll and HR Services


As a small-business owner, managing your own payroll and HR can take time away from important activities like driving revenue and growth. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Paychex® to give you an affordable, full-service option for outsourcing payroll, HR and employee benefit administration.


Kinetic Pay

If your business requires you to accept payments on the go, a KineticPay card reader and app on your mobile device can make those transactions easier. Not only will you be able to accept any major credit card wherever you are, but you’ll also benefit from:

  • Lower transaction rates and no holds on funds — your money will be available within 2 business days
  • Real-time counterfeit card detection, instant encryption, lower scope and cost of PCI audits

Employee Benefits

A small business pet spa owner brushes a dog's fur

If your workplace is located in any of the counties served by Suncoast, your employees can make the switch. Not only will they benefit from smarter banking, but they'll also have access to Suncoast's Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) to help with medical expenses such as covering high deductible health insurance plans. Contributions to HSAs are tax deductible and distributions are tax-free for all qualified medical expenses.

Learn more about employee benefits.