Business Auto Loans

If you have to drive for business purposes, you can get a business auto loan to put your company car in your company’s name.

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  • Benefits of Commercial Vehicle Loans

    If you have to drive for business, you can put the title of your car in the business’s name. Having your company car under the name of your business is quicker and easier than a standard commercial vehicle loan. Plus, you may be able to take advantage of the added benefit of receiving the consumer loan rate and business tax advantage*, based on qualification.

    What Kind of Vehicles Qualify for Commercial Auto Loans?

    Qualifying vehicles for commercial auto loans include:

    • Passenger vehicles or light-duty trucks for business purposes
    • Heavy-duty commercial vehicles or larger 
    • Commercial equipment purchases

    Suncoast offers competitive pricing and a streamlined process on heavy-duty commercial vehicles under $100,000. We can also accommodate commercial vehicle loans for over $100,000, as well as auto loans for fleets of more than 5 vehicles.

    If you also need to purchase equipment for your business, learn more about our business equipment loan options.

    *Consult with your tax accountant

    Suncoast business members can apply online for a business auto loan up to $100,000.

    If you need a business auto loan larger than $100,000, contact us for next steps.

    If you’re not a business member yet, you can check business eligibility.