Commercial Loans

Whether you’re in need of a commercial real estate loan, term loan or working capital line of credit, Suncoast Business Services is here to help you discover and apply for the financial assistance your company needs.

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    Vehicles and Equipment

    If you drive for business, you can put the title of your car in the business’s name. It’s easier and quicker than a standard commercial vehicle loan and based on qualification, you’ll have the added benefit of getting the consumer loan rate and business tax advantage*. Qualifying vehicles include:

    • Passenger vehicles or light duty trucks for business purposes
    • Heavy-duty commercial vehicles with competitive pricing and a streamlined process if under $100,000. (Can also accommodate over $100,000 and fleets for over 5 vehicles).
    • Commercial equipment purchases. Our terms are better than manufacturers offerings and can be a better alternative than an equipment manufacturer. It’s more competitive and has a quicker turnaround time once we have all the needed information. None of our vehicle or equipment loans have prepayment penalties.
    *Consult with your tax accountant

Starting a business savings

Starting Your Own Business

Starting a business savings

If you’re thinking about or getting ready to start your own business, here are some things a lender will want to know in order to apply for a loan:

  • Business Plan (including 3 years projected profit and loss statement)
  • Resume of experienced management
  • Personal financial statement and tax returns (past three years of returns)
  • Members must have 25-35% of their own funds to put into the business
  • Personal resources or assets for collateral
  • Business structure – (Sole Proprietor, LLC, LLP, Corporation, etc.)
  • Market study considering competition and market climate
  • No criminal history by any owner (SBA requirement)
  • Statement of how the borrowed funds will be used to start the business

For low to no cost assistance in starting or improving your business; contact these government and state level organizations: