Our Community Involvement

From green initiatives to charitable giving to outreach programs, Suncoast prides itself on being an active and responsible member of the community. Learn all the ways we’re making a positive impact on the world around us.

Community Events

Community events

From shred days and car sales to parades and food drives, Suncoast is an active member in your community. See for yourself all the ways we’re involved and find out ways you can be involved, too.

Suncoast Foundation

Suncoast Foundation

The goal of the Suncoast Foundation is to promote the education, health and emotional well-being of children in our communities through scholarships and contributions to public schools, medical research and development, family support organizations, and other charitable programs of direct benefit to children.



Suncoast, a proud supporter of public education, has provided more than 550 scholarships since 1990 to students pursuing higher education. See for yourself how you could be eligible to receive a Suncoast Scholarship.

Pennies Add Up

Pennies add up

Every time you swipe your Suncoast debit or credit card, we donate two cents to the Suncoast Credit Union Foundation. See for yourself the difference we make in the community.

Community Outreach

Community Outreach

Through both philanthropic and educational efforts, we pride ourselves on the ability to impact the children of our local communities through our passion for youth programs. See for yourself just some of the ways we're involved.

Green Suncoast

Suncoast green

Suncoast has become active in a number of different environmental initiatives with the goal of becoming more environmentally responsible members of the community. See how we're doing our part to be more green.