Our culture is driven by a commitment to empowering our members, employees, and communities to achieve their very best. To deliver on this promise, we encourage conversation, collaboration, and we celebrate multiple points of view to better understand and support varied needs.

People helping people is a guiding principle of the credit union philosophy. Suncoast believes that we are not only stronger, but we are also better when we weave the spectrum of our differences together. The result is a rich and resilient, forward thinking way of solving complex problems in the workforce and in our greater community. To us, this means providing equitable support and opportunities to all of our members and employees.

Suncoast Trinity Team

As part of our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, Suncoast remains dedicated to:

Diverse team

Cultivating the Best Workforce

We consistently seek and recruit the most talented people from a wide range of diverse candidate pools. We actively encourage and nurture our minority majority workforce and provide equitable learning and leadership development opportunities for all.

Suncoast team helping member

Supporting the Evolving Needs of Our Members

We reach out and provide access to affordable financial services to all demographics, equipping our members with the tools they need to have financial control and freedom in their lives. This outreach to all includes not only valuable low-cost products, but financial education and opportunities to build wealth and achieve their financial goals.

Suncoast team in the community

Making Purposeful Investments in Our Communities

Our strategic investments to support education, local needs, and important causes continues to impact our communities through positive change. This trickledown of positivity sets the stage for breaking negative stereotyping and cultivating acceptance of one another. These types of investments yield exponential return for all people.

These commitments are more than a promise. They reflect our heritage and the continuing journey which respects, embraces and celebrates the power of individuality, and values authenticity and culture, no matter the background or characteristics. These principles serve as our beacons; born of our founders and carried into the future by each of us.

At Suncoast, we value our differences. And together, we are Suncoast Strong.

SCU Trinity Grand Opening

Cooperative Principles of Credit Unions

Suncoast is proud to be a not-for-profit, financial cooperative that exists to meet the financial needs of our members.

Credit unions operate under the eight principles of a cooperative, which are:

  • Voluntary and open membership
  • Democratic member control
  • Member economic participation
  • Autonomy and independence
  • Financial education, training and information
  • Cooperation among cooperatives
  • Concern for the community
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

All of our decisions at Suncoast are aligned with those core cooperative principles. When your money's in a bank, the profits on that money go to stockholders. But at a credit union, profits go to members.

Without a separate group of stockholders or private owners demanding a return on their investments, all net income is given back to the membership directly or set aside for reserves.

Since the members are the owners of a credit union, we're able to offer lower rates on loans, higher earnings on deposits and more free services.