Woman in driver's seat of car smiles at the camera

Save Money with Suncoast’s Free Auto Loan Refinance

If you have a car loan somewhere else and want to save money, we have great news for you! You may save money when you refinance your auto loan with Suncoast.

Savings Worth Smiling About

Our auto loan refinance will leave a smile on your face! Get ready to do your happy dance when you see how much you may save.

  • Make lower monthly payments! An approved auto refinance may lower your monthly payments. Think of how great you’ll feel when you make those smaller payments each month!
  • Get interest rates as low as 2.5% APR*! High interest rates cost you more money over time. So refinancing your auto loan now may lead to wonderful long-term savings!
  • Skip the refinance fees! Since we want to help you save, we’ll pay your refinance fees**. It's easy to apply, so get started!

How to Apply for an Auto Refinance

You can apply for an auto refinance using SunNet Online Banking or the SunMobile app. Follow the steps below to apply now!

Steps for Applying for Auto Refinance Using SunNet Online Banking

  • Log in to SunNet
  • Click on “Loan Center”
  • Verify your contact information and click “Continue to Loan Center”
  • In the “Vehicle” section, click on “Apply for a Vehicle Loan”
  • For the first question, choose “Refinance” as the general purpose of the loan
  • Proceed with the application

Steps for Applying for Auto Refinance Using the SunMobile app

  • Log in to SunMobile
  • Click on “Loan Center”
  • Click on “Apply for a Loan”
  • Click on “Vehicle Loans”
  • For “Select a purpose” choose “Refinance”
  • Proceed with the application

Start Saving Now

Saving money is an easy way to boost your mood! An auto refinance may lead to lower monthly payments and rates as low as 2.5% APR.

You can even save time each month by setting up automatic payments with your refinanced auto loan.

Get your smile ready, because you’ll need it after you refinance your auto loan with Suncoast!

*Annual Percentage Rate effective February 1, 2018. Suncoast Credit union membership and credit qualification are required. **Suncoast will pay for documentary stamps and lien fees for auto loan refinances that take place by March 31, 2018. There still might be other fees charged by the existing lender.