Get help during hard times with Florida Hardest Hit

About the Florida Hardest-Hit Fund

The Florida Hardest-Hit Fund (HHF) can help you keep your home if you’re unemployed or underemployed through no fault of your own.

In 2010, the U.S. Treasury created the Hardest-Hit Fund to help five states that were faced with excessive depreciation of their housing markets and high unemployment rates.

Florida was one of the states that qualified for this assistance, so the Florida Hardest-Hit Fund was created. More than $1 billion in funding has been given to Florida to help prevent foreclosure for homeowners that are unemployed or underemployed until they can resume full payments on their own.

Unemployment Mortgage Assistance Program (UMAP)

  • Provides up to 12 months of payments (with a cap of $24,000) to assist unemployed or underemployed borrowers with their first mortgage
  • Up to $18,000 can be paid to help satisfy all or some of any past due amounts owed
  • Total assistance available is up to $42,000
  • For more information, visit

Mortgage Loan Reinstatement Payment (MLRP) Program

  • Used as a one-time payment to help satisfy all or some of any past due amounts owed on a first mortgage
  • Assistance cannot exceed $25,000 total
  • Any past due amounts over and above the $25,000 are the responsibility of the homeowner
  • For more information, visit

Florida Hardest-Hit Fund Principal Reduction Program

  • Provides up to $50,000 to reduce the principal balance of a first mortgage
  • Reduces the loan-to-value (LTV) of the first mortgage to no less than 100%
  • Approved funds will be paid directly to the first mortgage service to be applied to the principal balance of your loan
  • For more information, visit

Eligibility Requirements

Homeowners must meet a specific set of criteria to qualify for HHF assistance. Eligible homeowners also need to be approved by their mortgage company.

There are three categories of requirements for HHF:

  • Homeowner requirements
  • Property requirements
  • Mortgage requirements

For the complete set of requirements, go to The requirements can be found under "Frequently Asked Questions."

Terms of HHF Assistance

To apply for HHF assistance, go to are step‐by‐step instructions and prompts to help you.

Please call 800.999.5887 ext. 86388 with questions or to get more information.