4.9& APR for the life of the loan

Escape High Interest Rates and Celebrate the Savings!

Suncoast Credit Union's 3 credit card designs, including the Tampa Bay Rays player and DJ Kitty

Say goodbye to that holiday debt for good! Transfer your credit card balance to the Suncoast Rewards Credit Card by March 31, 2018 and save money with a 4.9% APR* that lasts until your transferred balance is paid in full.

Why make the switch?

  • No Transfer Fee! No fine print here, it doesn’t cost a thing to transfer your credit card balance.
  • No Annual Fee! Your bank account will thank you each year as the savings stack up.
  • 4.9% APR for the life of the transferred balance. Once you transfer your credit card balance, the 4.9% APR remains until your transferred balance is paid in full.
  • Earn Cash or Rewards! Plus get double cash back or double rewards on gas, groceries and tolls.
  • Get the Credit You Need! If your transfer will exceed your credit line, apply for a credit line increase by phone, online or by visiting a service center.

Already have a Suncoast Rewards Credit Card?

If you already have a Suncoast Rewards Credit Card, you can transfer your balance online or call us at 800.999.5887.

Don’t have a Suncoast Rewards Credit Card yet?

If you don’t have a Suncoast credit card yet, don’t worry! You can apply for a Suncoast Rewards Credit Card online with SunNet Online Banking or the SunMobile app:

  • Log in to SunNet or SunMobile
  • Click on “Loan Center” — then "Loan" in SunMobile or "Consumer Loan" in SunNet — and follow the prompts to apply.
  • You should get an application decision within a few days
  • Upon approval, you’re ready to transfer your balance online!


*Annual Percentage Rate, effective January 1, 2018 and available through March 31, 2018. Transfers must be made by March 31, 2018 to receive the APR. The rate will remain in effect until the transferred balance is paid in full. Payments are first applied to balances with the highest APR. Offer valid to cardholders in good standing with available balance. Suncoast Credit union membership and credit qualification are required.