College Month

Road Trip Schedule

8/20 HCC Dale Mabry
8/20 HCC Brandon
8/20 HCC Southshore
8/21 HCC Dale Mabry
8/21 Pasco Hernando North Campus
8/21 Pasco Hernando East Campus
8/21 Pasco Hernando West Campus
8/21 Pasco Hernando Porter Campus
8/21 State College of Florida Bradenton
8/21 Florida SouthWestern State College
8/22 Pasco Hernando North Campus
8/22 Pasco Hernando West Campus
8/22 Pasco Hernando Porter Campus
8/23 University of Tampa
8/26 University of Tampa
8/26 Polk State College
8/27 Polk State College
8/29 South Florida State College
9/9 State College of Florida Bradenton
9/10 State College of Florida Bradenton
9/11 State College of Florida Venice
9/12 State College of Florida Venice

We’re hitting the road to help you get ready for college!

Join us at one of these upcoming college events to have fun, win some swag, and find out how we can help you with your finances all year long.

Check out all of our upcoming college events and come join us!

College Ready Tips

  • Figure out where your classes are and plot out your schedule before the first day so you won’t have to stress
  • Consider renting your textbooks or buying them used to save money
  • Start saving now for any future plans like a Spring Break trip or semester abroad
  • Make a budget to make sure your bills get paid, your savings grow and you know where your money is going
  • Check out our guide to saving money as a college student for more easy tips

Do you have any tips for getting college ready?

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