System Upgrade Complete

After two years of planning and training, our system upgrade is complete! We’re ready to serve you with a new, updated core processing system.

While all major issues have been resolved globally, we continue to work through individual issues to ensure every member’s experience meets our high standard of service.

The new processor allows us to conduct faster transactions, provide more detailed statements, and add new lines of business, products and services in the future. Learn more by reviewing our frequently asked questions.

What is new since the system upgrade?

  • New, easier to read statements
  • Improved transaction receipts
  • New, convenient ways to access your account with tellers
  • Electronic signatures at the teller line
  • Expanded 4-digit account suffixes to reference your products
  • Simplified dividend payment schedule

What has changed in SunNet Online Banking?

  • Account suffixes are expanded to four digits
  • Transaction history formatting changed slightly
  • Debit transactions from February 13-16 were posted on February 17
  • If you use or Quicken, please refer to special instructions to update these tools:

How to update your Quicken Mac 2006 - 2007

How to update your Quicken Essentials and Mac 2015

How to update your Quicken Windows 2012 - 2015

How to Refresh Financial Institution List in Quicken for Windows

How to Refresh FIDir.txt File for Quicken 2015 on a Mac

What is the same since the system upgrade?

  • Your current member number (sometimes referred to as your account number). In some cases, you may see your account number presented as a 10-digit number with leading zeroes; however, it is not necessary to enter leading zeroes when transacting business.
  • Your existing direct deposits, payroll deductions, automatic Suncoast loan payments, automatic withdrawals and direct payments
  • Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) for ATM cards, debit cards, SunNet Online Banking and SunTel Automated Phone Banking
  • Your current checks will still be valid, but re-orders will have a slightly different MICR number. If you do not re-order checks through Harland Clarke or the Credit Union (who will have your updated MICR account number on file), the number on your current checks will still be valid. However, you will want to meet with a Member Service Representative at your convenience to get your updated account number for subsequent reorders.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to refine our systems to provide you – our member and most valuable asset – with an efficient and meaningful member experience.

Thank you for being our member.