Twice the Rewards for Two Days Only

If you enjoy your Suncoast Rewards Visa credit card, July 12-13 is going to be twice as nice!

For two days only, earn double rewards for online purchases made with your Suncoast Rewards Visa credit card.*

How It Works

Purchasing with Suncoast credit card 


Money in piggy bank 


Gift box being open 

Get Rewards

Anytime you use your Suncoast Rewards Visa credit card for online purchases* between July 12-13, you’ll earn double points or double cash back.** It’s that simple!

Please keep in mind your gas, groceries, and toll purchases will remain at double points only. Those purchases enjoy double point rewards all year long!

Enjoy Your Rewards

You have two days of double rewards, so make the most of them!

If you get cash back, the money is returned in cash and credited to your statement quarterly. If you get bonus points, log in to your account to see how many points you’ve earned and to browse through the amazing rewards to pick from.

Don’t have a Suncoast Rewards Visa credit card?


* Offer valid for eligible purchases made with a Suncoast Visa Rewards Credit Card between July 12-13, 2022 (“Promotion Period”). Offer is not transferable.

** “Double Points” means you will receive two points for every $1 you spend with your Suncoast Rewards Credit Card during Promotion Period. Credit card rewards are based upon the reward type chosen at account opening — cash back or rewards points.