Swipe and Save at the Pump with Suncoast Scorecard Rewards 

Swipe and Save at the Pump

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Use your Suncoast Rewards Visa credit card to earn ScoreCard reward points on every purchase. Earn double points on gas, groceries, and tolls!

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Swipe your Suncoast Rewards Visa credit card at participating bp and Amoco or Shell stations* and redeem your earned ScoreCard reward points for $0.50 off per gallon on up to 20 gallons per fill-up.

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Your fuel price will instantly roll back to reflect your discount.

Follow these steps to use your ScoreCard Bonus Points at participating gas stations:

  1. Swipe your Suncoast Rewards Visa credit card at the beginning of your transaction.
  2. Once the card is accepted, the pump will display the message: "2,000pts=$0.50/g?" (assuming you have a rewards balance of 2,000 points or more).
  3. Select to redeem your reward points** by pressing the "Yes" button on the keypad.
  4. Once the payment card is approved, the price per gallon is instantly rolled back. If cash and credit pricing is in place, the price will roll back off the credit pricing.
  5. Select the fuel grade and begin fueling.
  6. Your receipt will reflect how much you saved per gallon. 

For questions, please contact ScoreCard Customer Service at 800-854-0790. For more information, visit ScoreCardRewards.com.

*Available at most bp and Amoco and Shell stations. To locate a participating station near you, visit bp.com or shell.us and enter your zip code. See Shell's terms and conditions for full terms.
**Single use only, valid up to 20 gallons. Any unused rewards on each purchase are forfeited. May not be valid with other offers, Rewards are earned and redeemable at participating stations with operable electronic transaction networks. Terms and conditions apply. See scorecardrewards.com for details. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.