Transfer Money Quickly and Easily

Use SunNet’s cross account transfer to easily send funds to other Suncoast members’ accounts. And with ACH funds transfers, you can also transfer money from your account to any bank or credit union in the United States.

Select a Service:

  • Follow these simple steps to transfer funds:

    • Navigate to the "Transfers" page.
    • From the "Transfer From" tile, select either "My Accounts" or, if applicable, "Joint Accounts" and choose the account where the money is now. The account will become highlighted with an underline and a blue box.
    • Next, select the account to where you are transferring funds. You can transfer funds to your own accounts, joint accounts or another member's account. Your own accounts and joint accounts will become highlighted with an underline and a blue box.
    • Enter the amount you want to transfer and click the "Transfer" button, which will present a summary of the transfer for your confirmation or cancellation.
    • If you are transferring funds to another Suncoast member's account, you will need to enter the recipient's member number, account suffix and correct spelling of their last name.

    For more information on money transfers, read our FAQs.

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Download Suncoast's app SunMobile

Suncoast's mobile app, SunMobile, lets you manage finances quickly, safely and securely from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. Easily deposit checks, pay bills, transfer funds, locate the nearest branches and ATMs, and view check images, all from the convenience of your mobile device.


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