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Learning about your spending habits and seeing a full picture of your finances has never been easier! Log in to SunNet or SunMobile to get a personalized look at how you use your money.

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My Insights FAQs

Where can I find my personalized insights?

Log in to SunNet Online Banking or the SunMobile app and look for the “My Insights” icon. This can be found in SunNet from the blue navigation bar on the left or on a tile on the home page. In SunMobile, you can find the “My Insights” icon by clicking on the menu on the left.

Do I have to sign up to see insights?

Nope! If you have a checking account or money market account and you log in to SunNet Online Banking or the SunMobile app, this feature is ready and available for you to explore. SunMobile users will also get notifications when insights are available. This service is currently not available for commercial accounts.

What kind of information is available with this feature?

You’ll get insights tailored to your specific habits and your preferences. There is a ton of information that could be gleaned, like your debt vs. your income, a summary of your weekend spending, the merchants you spend with the most, and much more!

New insights will be available each day as transactions happen. You can even help customize what information you’re interested in by using the thumbs up and thumbs down icons to narrow down the insights that are most helpful to you. 

Have fun exploring the “My Insights” feature in SunNet! 

Why don’t my insights match my monthly statements?

Your monthly statements take place on a specific date each month, so the time period might not match up with the time period of your insights. For example, your monthly statement might use information from July 15-August 15, so it is one month of information that begins mid-month. Your insights might show information from July 1-31, so it’s also a month of information, but it’s based on the calendar month.

The information provided through these insights is not intended to be a replacement for your monthly statements or other important account information, but rather it is a new offering to provide an interactive way for you to learn more about your financial habits. 

Can I opt out of push notifications about new insights?

Yes, you can opt out to push notifications about new insights if you no longer want to receive them. Simply log and go to the My Profile section, then go to My Insights Alerts to opt in and out of insights as you see fit. 

How can I see details about my transaction?

It’s easy! Click on a transaction to see any available merchant details. These details vary based on each merchant, but may include information like phone numbers, addresses, and websites.

If I have multiple Suncoast accounts or a joint account, can I determine what accounts I receive Insights on?

Yes! You’ll just need to follow the steps below to toggle between what accounts you’d like to receive Insights on.

  1. Log into SunNet or SunMobile and select Insights.
  2. A welcome message appears. Click the toggle icon toggle icon in the top right.
  3. An Account Controls page opens where members can select the accounts to include or exclude from their feed.
  4. If there are changes, then a prompt opens that asks members to confirm the updates. Click Yes, continue for the change to occur.

Explore Your Personalized Insights

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