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At Suncoast Credit Union, the privacy and security of your accounts and personal data will always be a top priority. That’s why we promise to always do our part to keep your information safe and secure, especially against fraud.

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  • Suncoast's Promise

    As part of that promise to keep you safe, we make sure that you don’t have to pay for fraudulent charges or electronic mistakes that you didn’t cause, such as:

    • If we don’t properly complete your electronic transaction
    • If a fraudulent transaction was made with your Suncoast Visa credit or debit card
    • If we don’t complete a transfer to or from your account on time or in the correct amount according to our agreement with you

    We’ll always do our part to get down to the bottom of the scam and do our best to hold the fraudsters responsible for their actions. We’re in this together! Learn about how to protect yourself, how to identify scams and other important security topics.

    How We Protect Our Members

    We use a variety of techniques to protect our members.


    Suncoast uses security protocols that leverage encryption to transmit your sensitive financial data and keep it safe. By using encryption, we’re able to create a secure communication channel between your browser or mobile app and Suncoast. This ensures the transaction is not only secure but also helps to prevent your information from being accessed, read or modified by unauthorized parties.

    Enhanced Security for Mobile and Online Banking

    We’ve recently updated our online banking authentication process to strengthen the security of your online banking experience. This update includes enhancements like the detection of potentially fraudulent activity from malicious browsers or devices, making SunNet Online Banking and the SunMobile app even more secure.

    Suncoast does not currently support the use of The Onion Router (TOR) or Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections to access our online banking services. If you wish to use a VPN client, please contact your vendor on how to whitelist our website so your online banking experience is not interrupted.

    In-House Fraud Prevention Experts

    Suncoast Credit Union has an in-house team that focuses exclusively on reducing our members’ exposure to fraud and reporting suspicious activity to the appropriate government agencies. Our fraud prevention team actively protects and safeguards your accounts, transactions and data.

    Additional Safety Features Available

    Suncoast also offers additional safety features throughout our line of products and services. For example, we offer transaction alerts that can be implemented as a safety measure and even affordable Identity Theft Protection.

    Take advantage of our safety features and remain proactive about protecting yourself.

    How to Protect Yourself

    It is important that you take steps to keep yourself safe from fraud or scams. Here are some simple tactics to protect your personal data:

    • Regularly update all of the operating systems, software and browsers for your computers and mobile devices.
    • Install internet security software on all mobile devices and computers. Use security software designed to protect your personal data and other advanced threats.
    • Select strong passwords and do not reuse them. Use a password manager application to assist you with creating and remembering strong unique passwords for each site you visit.
    • Use the security features of your device. New operating systems and devices support more advanced authentication methods such as fingerprint or facial recognition.
    • Don’t use public computers or public Wi-Fi to access financial accounts or conduct financial transactions.
    • Don’t jailbreak or root your mobile device. This weakens the security of the device, and, in some cases, violates your license agreement.
    • Only download apps and software from authorized websites. Apps and software from unauthorized locations may contain malware and put your device and personal information at risk.
    • Don’t share your personal information. Review the privacy policies and terms and conditions on sites you use or before you download any software.
    • Use the privacy and security settings in social media applications and be careful of the information you share about yourself on social media.
    • When shopping online, verify that the website uses secure communications. Look for a padlock symbol and "https" in your browser’s address bar before submitting payment or other sensitive information online.
    • Regularly review your account for unauthorized activity or transactions and report any fraudulent activity immediately. Set up transaction alerts to stay informed on what is going on in your accounts.
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