Transfer Savings Automatically

We've made it easy to move funds to and from your Suncoast accounts.

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    Automatic transfers

    When you open a Suncoast savings account, transferring money among Suncoast accounts is simple. Choose the Suncoast account you wish to transfer to or from and designate a date to transfer. If this is a transfer you’ll do often, you can make it recurring and ensure funds are transferred no matter what.

    Available automatic transfers include:

    • Loan payments from your savings or checking
    • Transfers from your savings, checking, or money market to any other Suncoast account 

    Payroll deduction

    Sign up for payroll deduction and the portion of your paycheck you designate will automatically be deposited into your savings account on payday.  It’s an easy way to watch your savings grow. This service is available to public school system employees, employees of many public universities and community colleges in the counties we serve, and many others.

    For more information and to request payroll deduction forms.


Retirement Savings


Suncoast offers the advice and resources you need to be successful in financial planning throughout your life.