Official TB Rays credit cards now available exclusively at Suncoast Credit Union

Credit Cards

Suncoast offers a variety of credit cards to meet the needs of our members. We’re here to help find the right one for you.

We Have It All

Suncoast Credit Union ReviewsFrom rewards, to balance transfers to impeccable member service — we have all the great amenities you’d expect from Suncoast.

  • You’re Safe

    Your peace of mind is important to us, that’s why we do everything in our power to ensure your information is safe and secure. Here’s how:

    Verified by VISA

    Verified by VISA makes sure you have the most secure online shopping experience possible by preventing the unauthorized use of a cardholder’s card number — in turn, reducing fraud and reducing danger of identity theft.

    Register your credit cards

    Travel Notifications

    Card use that is outside of your normal area or overseas can raise a flag with the fraud prevention team. This may cause your card to be temporarily blocked until we can verify a valid purchase. Set travel notifications in the Cards section of the SunMobile app or . You may also submit travel notifications in your nearest Suncoast branch or by phone at 800.999.5887. Travel notifications should be set at least 3 days prior to going out of town to avoid the inconvenience of a blocked card while traveling.

    Disputing Transactions on Your Account

    If you believe there’s been fraudulent activity on your account or if you’re unable to resolve a dispute with a merchant about a transaction, Suncoast can help.

    Online Banking to dispute a transaction. Simply click on the envelope icon next to the transaction you’re disputing, then click “dispute” and follow the prompts.

    You may also file a transaction dispute by signing in through the SunMobile app on your device and browsing to the Account History screen. Be sure to use the most updated version of the app that was released on November 22, 2016.

    You may also dispute a transaction in person at a Suncoast Service Center or by calling the Members Contact Center at 800-999-5887 — Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Compare Suncoast VISA Credit Cards

Suncoast works hard to ensure you’re getting the most competitive rates, with lots of extras and no hidden fees – from your first credit card all the way up to Rewards Platinum.

Purchase APR*
as low as

Cash Advance APR
as low as

Balance Transfer APR
as low as

Credit Limit

Rewards Platinum 8.9% 10.9% 10.9% $500 - $30,000

From everyday transactions, to overdraft protection, emergencies, major purchases and everything in between, Suncoast's Rewards Platinum VISA has you covered. And with low interest rates, no annual fees and your choice of rewards, it makes the perfect first credit card. 

Rewards Classic Starter 12.9% 14.9% 14.9% $300 - $500

When it comes time to choosing your first credit card, Suncoast's here to help. All Suncoast VISA credit cards feature low interest rates, no annual fees and your choice of rewards. 

Rewards Student Classic 12.9% 14.9% 14.9% $500

This special credit card was designed exclusively for students attending two or four-year accredited colleges or universities. The Rewards Student Classic VISA makes a great first credit card for students. 

Rewards Share Secured 14.9% 16.9% 16.9% $500 - $2,000

The Rewards Share Secured credit card lets you pledge your share savings or share certificate account to secure your VISA — making it the ideal card for members without established credit or who have past credit challenges.


Check out our credit card interest rates and fees for yourself. Additional features you’ll get with Rewards Platinum, Rewards Classic Starter, Rewards Student Classic, and Rewards Share Secured at Suncoast include

  • No annual fee
  • No expiration on rewards
  • No fees on balance transfers, cash advances or convenience checks
  • No punitive interest rates for late or missed payments
  • 25-day interest-free grace period on all new purchases
  • Cards for additional users at no extra charge
  • Free automatic car rental insurance
  • Free common carrier travel insurance when you purchase plane tickets with your card
  • 24/7 online or telephone access for cash advances, inquiries, and payments
  • Low minimum monthly payments — only 2% of balance or $10, whichever is greater
  • 0% Liability for Fraud. If fraud does occur, you will not incur losses
  • Visa Account Updater (VAU), which will automatically update your cardholder data with participating merchants when your card information changes, including recurring payments and card-on-file relationships