Personal Insurance

Because we care about the financial well being of our members, we’ve teamed up with a number of providers to help insure our members and their families. Having the right insurance coverage can help provide peace of mind.


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Suncoast loves to make our members smile! For a limited time, enjoy a 30-day free trial of Dental Benefits Max, a comprehensive dental plan from Benefit Services of America. THIS PLAN IS NOT INSURANCE. This plan provides contracted discounts at certain providers, provides negotiated fees for services, and does not make payments to the providers.

  • Save more than $200 per person on checkups, x-rays and cleanings
  • Choose from more than 132,000 Aetna dentists and specialists nationwide
  • No contracts, no claim forms and no exclusions for prior conditions
  • Savings on prescriptions, vision, chiropractic and more, at no extra cost

The 30-day free trial is a limited time offer. Call toll-free today at 855.879.0075 and mention you’re a Suncoast Credit Union member.

Learn more about dental plans for members.

MetLife Dental

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Keep your teeth healthy with the right dental coverage that makes it easier to visit the dentist and helps lower your costs.* MetLife TakeAlong Dental offers competitive pricing and great benefits today and in the future, providing you with continuous coverage.

  • Choose between PPO and Dental HMO/Managed Care**
  • Multiple coverage level options
  • Get an individual dental policy that you can take along with you through every life event

Find all the information you’ll need at or call MetLife at 1-844-2METDEN. Be sure to use the referral code “Suncoast” to take advantage of our rate.

*Savings from enrolling in a MetLife dental benefits plan will depend on various factors, including the cost of the plan, how often participants visit the dentist and the cost of services rendered. **Dental HMO/Managed Care will only be available to residents of CA, FL, NY, and TX.

Recuperative Care

Recuperative Care

Even with health insurance, bills can pile up during hospital stays. Recuperative Care is a supplemental insurance plan that pays cash benefits for every day you’re in the hospital and recuperation time to help you recover from your illness or injury.

  • Get up to $500 a day for each day spent in the hospital
  • Cash benefits can be used for medical and non-medical bills
  • There is no exclusion for pre-existing illnesses

Health Insurance

Health Insurance for Suncoast Credit Union members

The Suncoast Insurance Exchange is a private medical insurance exchange providing you the opportunity to browse and select different insurance plans. The exchange is your one-stop shop for top rated health, dental and vision insurance companies. Browse and purchase:

  • On and off exchange health care plans
  • Over 65 Medicare products
  • An array of supplemental coverage options

Virtual Care

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Access to a doctor is only a call or click away with Virtual Care! Get 24/7 medical care without a per-visit fee with Virtual Care’s Teladoc service. This service also offers discounts on vision services, prescription prices, diabetic supplies and more! Become a Virtual Care member and you’ll pay one low price to access health benefits for your entire family.

  • Teladoc and NurseLine services connect you to doctors and nurses 24/7
  • Health Advocacy service to help you navigate through insurance and healthcare systems
  • Medical Bill Saver has experts to help you reduce your medical costs through negotiations

Nationwide Pet Insurance

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When you love your pet, you want to make sure they get the best medical care possible, but without insurance, it may be difficult to afford the treatment they need. Nationwide Pet Insurance offers coverage for dogs, cats, birds and other exotic pets and covers a wide variety of your pet’s medical problems and conditions related to accidents and illnesses.

Don't miss out on these benefits:

  • 5% Suncoast member discount
  • Basic coverage for illness and accident related care
  • Services from any licensed veterinarian
  • Additional coverage for routine medical care like vaccinations, deworming, spay/neuter procedures and more

Identity Theft Protection

Don't let Identity Theft catch you by surprise

Using an identity theft protection service is the best way to minimize risk and protect your personal information from being misused. Doing this not only gives you added convenience and peace of mind, but also provides more advanced identity protection and management than you can achieve on your own.

  • Multi-layered protection includes credit monitoring, internet surveillance, lost wallet protection and identity theft insurance, amongst other services.
  • Choose from different levels of protection at very affordable prices based on what's right for you and your family. 

Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)


Suncoast members get $2,000.00 Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance coverage to you and your family at no cost to you. Help protect your family’s financial future with this complimentary coverage.

  • You are pre-authorized for additional coverage up to $300,000
  • Your acceptance is guaranteed with no medical exams or health questions
  • Benefits are paid to your beneficiary if you die from a covered accident

1All coverage amounts reduce by 50% when the primary insurance reaches age 70. The family plan protects spouse and all eligible children at a percentage of your selected coverage amount.

Life Insurance


If you have family members who depend on your income, you need to make sure they’ll be protected if you’re not around. Our financial services representatives at Cuna Mutual Group can help you determine the right type of policy and the coverage amount you need through the TruStage program.

Learn more about the types of life insurance we offer:

Have one of our financial services representatives contact you.1

Long-Term Care


If you’ve had a parent or grandparent in a nursing home or assisted living facility, you know the expense of long term care (at a price of $150 a day or more) can quickly wipe out a lifetime of savings. Our long term care insurance can help make sure that if you need this type of care at any point in your life, you’re financially prepared for it.

Insights into long-term care:

  • Long-term care insurance helps give you financial protection against the cost of long-term care services.
  • You can choose the type of services and customize your care based on your financial and social needs.
  • Deciding to get long-term care could help you avoid depleting your savings or life insurance to pay for your health care needs.

Have one of our financial services representatives contact you.1 

Learn more about long-term care insurance.

Umbrella Insurance


When the coverage on your existing insurance policies exhaust their limits, umbrella insurance kicks in. It can provide a second layer of protection for when you need it most.

Policy details:

  • Coverage starting at $1,000,000 (higher limits available)
  • Covers all members of your household
  • Covers legal defense fees

Credit Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Credit Life Insurance plans help protect you and your family by paying off outstanding loan balances should a family member die before paying them off.  

  • Reduces or pays off your covered loan balance, up to the policy maximum.
  • Helps protect credit rating.
  • Requires no complicated enrollment forms or physical exam.
  • Offers the convenience of including premium in your loan payment.
  • Helps cover collateral against repossession.

Credit Disability Insurance


You and your family may not have to make loan payments while you're totally disabled. Regular disability insurance only covers a fraction of your salary and that's if you qualify. Credit disability insurance can help close the gap. It's a safety net for your family so they don't have to use savings while you're disabled or ill.

This coverage also ensures your ability to make your monthly loan payment up to the policy maximum, should you become disabled due to a covered illness or injury.

  • Makes your covered loan payments, up to the policy maximum, if you become totally disabled.
  • Helps protect credit rating and collateral.
  • Helps reduce financial burden during recovery.
  • Requires no complicated enrollment forms or physical exam.
  • Offers the convenience of premium included in your loan payment.

Wedding Protection


A wedding can be a major financial investment for families. If a mishap were to occur, you’d want to be protected. That’s why we offer a wedding protection plan.

Examples of wedding protection coverage:

  • Lost or damaged dress
  • Lost vendor deposits
  • Lost rings
  • Severe weather, forcing cancellation
  • Transportation shutdown
  • Military leave

Learn more about wedding protection.