Health Insurance Options

Suncoast understands that affordable health insurance options can provide peace of mind. Whether you need a complete health plan or supplemental coverage, we can help.

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  • Health Insurance and Medicare Coverage

    Find a plan that fits your needs and budget from a broad range of premiums, deductibles, and levels of coverage. Choose from private individual health insurance options or Medicare, a federal health insurance program available to seniors and Americans with certain disabilities or medical conditions.

    Learn about the best options for your needs and enroll today!


    Virtual Care

    Access to a doctor is only a call or click away with Virtual Care! Get 24/7 medical care without a per-visit fee with Virtual Care’s Teladoc service. This service also offers discounts on vision services, prescription prices, diabetic supplies and more.

    Become a Virtual Care member and you’ll pay one low price to access health benefits for your entire family, including:

    • Teladoc and NurseLine services that connect you to doctors and nurses 24/7
    • Health Advocacy service to help you navigate through insurance and health care systems
    • Medical Bill Saver, which has experts to help you reduce your medical costs through negotiations

    Recuperative Care

    Even with health insurance, bills can pile up during hospital stays. Recuperative Care is a supplemental insurance plan that pays cash benefits for every day you’re in the hospital and recuperation time to help you recover from your illness or injury.

    Get up to $300 a day for each day spent in the hospital. Cash benefits can be used for medical and non-medical bills, and there is no exclusion for pre-existing illnesses.


    Hospital Accident Plan

    Suncoast members can receive protection from the Hospital Accident Insurance Plan at group rates. This plan provides cash benefits to an insured person in the event of hospitalization due to a covered accident.

    This supplemental coverage pays in addition to the benefits you may receive from other plans. So if you are hospitalized due to an accidental injury, you will be covered for each day you are in the hospital. Intensive care confinement has $1,800 a day in benefits and hospital confinement has $900 a day in benefits.