Wealth Protection and Transfer

Suncoast Trust ServicesProtecting your wealth is essential for preservation and distribution down the line. We work closely with you, your lawyers and tax advisors to review your estate plans and ensure you avoid unnecessary risk.

Select a Service:

  • Estate Planning and Settlement Services

    A trust provides you control over your assets to transfer them to the next generation or plan for your legacy. We can help you build out this plan and prepare your family for the transfer of wealth, and later after your death will work to follow your wishes.

    Our trust services include:

    • Trust & fiduciary services
    • Wealth protection and transfer
    • Business succession
    • Tax planning
    • Charitable gift planning
    • Legacy planning
    • Revocable and irrevocable trust administration
    • Trusts under will
    • Personal Representative
    • Custodial and guardianship services
    • Estate administration, valuation and settlement

    Suncoast Trust Services provides full-service wealth management solutions and trust services. If you would like Suncoast to serve as your current or successor trustee, personal representative, or investment manager, we have prepared Special Trust Provisions document to help you and your attorney.

    We work with your other professionals, including CPAs and attorneys, to make sure everything fits together perfectly.

    Contact us and let’s start fulfilling your trust service needs.