Student Learning

Practicing smart money management means a lifetime of making sound financial decisions. We offer a number of different programs to help our youngest members get a head start — because we believe good decision-making is learned early.

In-School Programs

In-School Programs

Learning financial management skills is imperative to a successful future. Our in-school programs introduce elementary, middle and high school students with basic money management concepts while providing them with hands-on learning opportunities.

  • Elementary, middle and high school students operate nearly 30 Student Run Branches.
  • Biz Kids teaches financial and entrepreneurial skills for students.
  • Financial Football provides a team-oriented, entertaining game for students.

Financial Literacy Workshops

Financial Literacy Workshops

We believe learning happens inside and outside of the classroom. That’s why we offer multiple workshops, lectures and presentations that can be delivered to students no matter where they are. Contact Suncoast’s Youth Outreach team to schedule a presentation.

  • Our financial literacy workshops, presentations and lecture series cover topics ranging from money management habits, credit scores, identity theft and job searching.
  • Our financial literacy activities and games are perfect for any occasion to learn financial terminology and increase financial acumen.

Contact Suncoast's Youth Outreach team to learn more or schedule a presentation.

Suncoast's Blog


Just because you're young doesn't mean you're not thinking about money and your future. With Suncoast, you can learn how to be a responsible saver and spender.

  • Learn how to create and live on a budget.
  • Familiarize yourself with establishing, building and maintaining credit.

Financial Literacy Games

Financial Games

Who said learning how to save and spend can’t be fun? These interactive games help teach important concepts, while putting a smile on your face.

  • Learn how to save with Money Metropolis.
  • Count your coins with Peter Pig’s Money Counter.
  • Score a touchdown with Financial Football or make a goal with Financial Soccer.