Financial Literacy Workshops and Programs by Suncoast Credit Union

Learning finances can be fun.

If you're looking for financial literacy workshops or presentations, look no further. Suncoast's Youth Outreach team delivers several workshops based on your students’ or organization’s needs.

Financial Literacy Presentation Series

Money Smart 101
  • Explains financial institutions and the differences and similarities
    between banks and credit unions
  • Explores the benefits of a credit union
  • Gives guidelines for budgeting
  • Provides tips to save money
  • Explains credit scores and their importance
  • Teaches how to protect and build credit
  • Provides basic money management fundamentals
Live Beyond the Weekend
  • Teaches students to develop good money management habits
  • Explains proper financial budgeting and planning
  • Covers navigating campus life in a cost-effective manner
  • Discusses ways to invest and save for retirement
  • Emphasizes S.M.A.R.T. goals

Financial Literacy Games


Suncoast Credit Union’s version of Bingo gives students an opportunity to learn financial terms in a fun, interactive way. Students must create two lines in order to win the game, reinforcing the importance of always having a backup plan in life. During the game students learn that their free space becomes a dead spot, emphasizing the fact that nothing in life is free. The moderator may also draw a ”pass left“ or ”pass right“ chip to mix the game up, demonstrating that sometimes life is unpredictable.

Financial Wheel

The Financial Wheel provides students with the opportunity to build their financial vocabulary and acumen. Students take turn spinning the wheel and answering relevant financial management questions.

Are you Smarter than a Crook?

Inspired by the game show Are You Smarter than A 5th Grader, students answer questions from 10 subject areas. Students have three forms of answer-assistance options (two cheats and a save), each available for use once per game.

Peek: The student is shown their teacher’s answer and may choose whether to go along with it or not; however, they must answer the question upon using this cheat.

Copy: The student is locked into using their teacher’s answer without being able to see it first. If the teacher is correct, the student is correct and advances up the money ladder. If the teacher is incorrect, the student loses the game.

Save: If the student answers incorrectly but their teacher is correct, they are credited with a correct answer.

If the student provides an incorrect answer (and is not saved), they "flunk out" and lose everything. They may choose to "drop out" at any point during the game, keeping the points they have acquired.

2016 Suncoast Credit Union Annual Report cover

Making a Difference

2016 Suncoast Credit Union Annual Report cover

At Suncoast, we know that every person is capable of making a positive difference. Our organization prides itself on giving back to our local communities through philanthropic and educational efforts. We’re also committed to being environmentally responsible members of the community through our green initiatives.

This year’s annual report provides a deeper look at our outreach programs and our impact on our communities.