Adult Education Financial Literacy Workshops

For adults, our finances have a major impact on all areas of our lives. That’s why we’re proud to offer free financial literacy workshops on topics like budgeting, identity theft solutions and more.

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  • Discover our presentation topics for adults below. Please reach out if you would like to schedule a presentation on one of these topics. Additional presentation topics are available and we can also tailor a presentation to meet your group’s specific needs.


    Here are some of the topics we offer:

    • Home Ownership
    • Retirement Planning
    • Digital Financial Services
    • Small Business Finances
    • Elder Finance Management

    Building a Better Budget

    Everyone wants control over their financial lives, but how do we get it? In one word: budget. It’s the most powerful weapon to get a more secure future. Participants will identify their short- and long-term goals and learn how to design realistic spending and savings plans to reach those objectives, including options for getting out of debt (and staying there).

    Repaying Student Loans

    Student loans can put a heavy burden on monthly finances, sometimes rivaling the cost of a mortgage. These days there are many options to help repay these loans. This workshop will teach attendees about the choices available.

    First Time Home Buyer

    Homeownership starts well before the contracts are signed – preparation is one of the keys to a smooth home buying process. This workshop covers all major pre-purchase topics such as budgeting, the down payment, credit reports, debt-to-income ratios and the mortgage lending process.

    Identity-Theft Solutions

    Identity theft is becoming more common and sophisticated than ever. Workshop participants will learn the methods that identity thieves use to access confidential information, tools for preventing ID theft and steps to take should identity theft occur.

    Ten Steps to Financial Success

    We all measure financial success differently, but all paths to get there require discipline and goals. This workshop teaches participants ways to financial control. This includes how to develop a spending plan, create objectives, weigh insurance needs and other tools needed for personal financial success.