Financial Literacy Workshops for K-12 Students

Building a strong financial foundation helps set students up for success. Our programs for K-12 students are designed to teach the fundamentals that will create healthy habits for years to come.

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  • Browse our presentation topics below and reach out if you’re interested in having us come visit your school or organization. Additional presentation topics are available and we can tailor a topic to meet your group’s specific needs.


    Here are some of the topics we offer for K-12 students:

    • Basics of Budgeting
    • General Personal Finance
    • Saving & Investing
    • Understanding Credit
    • Auto Buying
    • Fraud Prevention

    Smart Saver 101 Series

    Being a smart saver can start at any age. Students from kindergarten to eighth grade can get the fundamentals of saving, spending and investing. We will also explore the credit union difference and steps students can take to protect and build credit.

    • Smart Saver 101 for Kindergarten to Second Grade
    • Smart Saver 101 for Third Grade to Fifth Grade
    • Smart Saver 101 for Sixth to Eighth Grade

    Teens and Money

    Young adulthood is a great time to learn money management techniques that can last a lifetime. Attendees will learn to manage money effectively, prepare for common bills, open checking and savings accounts, look an investment options and establish credit (and use it wisely).

    Financing My Senior Year

    Your senior year will be truly exciting! However, it can be expensive to pay for prom, grad night, a class ring and other senior year costs. This program teaches eighth graders to sophomores how to create a savings plan now so they can enjoy their final year of high school without worrying about money.