Suncoast Credit Union partners with EverFi, an online education provider, to bring financial literacy into local schools within the communities we serve.

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    Local Financial Literacy Program

    Nearly 100 schools are actively participating in this financial literacy program and a number of other schools are in the process of training their educators on how to implement the program into their classrooms.

    Our program has already impacted more than 11,000 students and will reach thousands more in the years to come. For elementary school students, this e-learning program introduces concepts like savings and how to make responsible financial decisions. For high school students, the program incorporates financial concepts that young adults need to know, like budgeting and saving for college.

    Students learn about money in a fun, interactive way through the generous support of Suncoast Credit Union. Suncoast is proud to impact the youth in our communities and bring such important education into our local classrooms. We're excited to partner with EverFi and now offer these online student courses for free during this time of distance learning.

    Signing up is simple! Learners will go to the appropriate registration button from the list below and enter the code displayed.

    Elementary School: Vault - Understanding Money

    Registration Code: cacc9aba
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    Middle School: Venture - Entrepreneurial Expedition

    Registration Code: adceaf6b
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    EVERFI - Financial Literacy for High Schoolers

    Registration Code: 0913df44
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