Life Fast Forward

Life Fast Forward is a game that allows students to experience the sort of money management they will use as young adults in the future.

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  • Senior at Gaither High School playing Life Fast Forward.

    How Life Fast Forward Works

    During the game, students engage in a hands-on, real-life financial simulation that introduces them to the realities of being a financially responsible young adult (between 23 to 30 years old). This program stresses the importance of budgeting, prioritizing, making smart spending decisions and saving money.

    Students gain valuable experience paying bills and making daily financial decisions that are essential to being a responsible adult. This game is intended for groups larger than 60 students and requires volunteers from the school.

    Key objectives of the game:

    • Illustrate how daily spending decisions affect overall life situations
    • Better understand how education affects future salary goals
    • Provide a hands-on experience that demonstrates the importance of budgeting and saving money Provide an opportunity for dialogue between students and the career professionals
    • Understand the differences between a bank and a credit union