Student Run Branches

Suncoast Credit Union operates student run branches on elementary, middle and high school premises.

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  • Chamberlain High School - Student Run Branch

    How Student Run Branches Work

    Students staff these scaled-down credit union branches, accepting applications and deposits from students and staff members while also learning financial education. Suncoast employees and the student branch staff work together to spread credit union awareness to other students through various campaigns and seminars - all led by the students.

    Students gain skills and understanding that not only enhance their résumés but give them a competitive edge when applying for jobs and college. During the 2019-2020 school year the Student Run Branch Program provided financial education for K-12 students in 28 schools across eight counties.

    Suncoast Credit Union has expanded the Student Run Branch program to include an elementary school component that focuses on teaching kindergarten to 5th grade students the importance of saving. Students are able to make a deposit into their savings account during a school-designated operating time at their elementary student run branch. Students receive an extra $5 in their savings account after they make 10 deposits at their student run branch.


    Student Run Branch Roles and Responsibilities

    Here are all the roles that students can fill in the SRBs and the responsibilities of each role:

    • Branch Manager- tracks student sign-in sheet, tracks student volunteer training, creates schedules, and submits and executes promotions
    • Assistant Branch Manager- acts as manager on duty, communicates with branch manager on SRB updates
    • Marketing Manager- develops strategies for promotion execution, maintains SRB budget, works with administration and the SRB Coach to promote the SRB at school and distribute prizes
    • Marketing Associate- maintains the appearance of the SRB, ensures there are adequate supplies in stock, works with Marketing Manager to execute promotions
    • Member Advocates- help our members with their financial needs by processing deposits, opening accounts, promoting savings and answering financial questions

    Everyone in the SRB is a member advocate!

    If your school has a Suncoast Student Run Branch and you’re interested in becoming a volunteer, please fill out the application below and email it to