Digital Enhancements

From a new look for our homepage, to new digital features to make online banking easier than ever, Suncoast has lots of digital enhancements coming your way soon. This is the place to learn more and see what's coming, so you know exactly what to expect!

Get ready to see an updated homepage experience on our website! Our new homepage will still feature everything you've come to expect, like easy login for online access, but with a new streamlined layout, to provide an enhanced experience.


New Look. Better Experience.

Members often come to our site to log into their accounts, so the new homepage has the log in fields prominently displayed on the right. We've also made opening a new account even easier too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Great question! Our goal is to make sure that members and potential members are always getting the very best web experience possible. Based on the way that our members interact with the current version of our website, we know which areas of the site are visited the most. The new homepage design streamlines the experience so that our most popular actions like logging in or opening an account are even easier to access.

Nope! Nothing about the actual log in process will change. Your member number is the same, your password is the same. The only difference is where you find the log in button, which will be to the right on the top of the page.

No, the rest of our website isn’t changing right now. However, we always keep an eye on our members’ needs, so additional web updates could happen over time as those needs evolve in the future. We will keep you updated!

Accessibility is the main feature of the new homepage. Popular actions like logging in or opening an account will be even easier to find. Navigating to other areas of the website will be easier as well. Basically, we made it simpler to do what you need to do and find what you need to find!

If you’re ready to join Suncoast, welcome! Instead of a “Join Now” button, our new page has an “Open an Account” button on the upper-right side of the page. As you follow the steps to open your account, you’ll also become a Suncoast member!

Nope! The only changes happening at this time are the homepage of the website.

No, online banking is not changing. Only the homepage of is changing at this time.

When you need to apply for a loan or open a new account, we make it easy! Our new Open and Apply feature allows you to access multiple products online, in one convenient place.


All of our products are in one spot. It’s simple!

It is easier than ever to open a selection of accounts and apply for many of your lending needs, in one convenient location. We've taken the guess work out of where to learn more and applying for the products you're looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You'll be able to open a selection of checking and savings accounts, as well as share certificates. You'll also be able to apply for a variety of loan options from an auto loan to a personal line of credit. Whatever your savings or lending needs are, be sure to check out our new Open and Apply feature to see what's best for you. It is easily available from our homepage, the top navigation bar of the site, SunNet and SunMobile, at all times.

Of course! You can always visit a branch or call our Member Care Center to open an account or apply for loans. You’ll even be able to do these same actions in all the usual places on our website. The new Open and Apply option is just another option for people who prefer the convenience of knowing they can go to one spot to find what they need and get started right away.

When you go to apply or open an account, you will get the product features and the information you need to know. So it’s not necessary to visit other pages on our site unless you want to!

Most of our products will be available, but not all. However, we continually make updates based on your needs!

Coming soon!

Everything we do is to make our members financial lives easier. So as your needs evolve, we add new features to meet your new needs!

A new way to get insights about your money

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to your finances! Financial insights, tailored specifically to you, are coming soon. Know where your opportunities to save are, what your spending habits are, and when and where transactions take place, all in real time. Enjoy these features and many more that are coming with the roll out of Insights by Suncoast, coming later in 2022.

New ways to search for answers on the website

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